Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hezbollah in Mexico

I keep hearing from anti-Obama lefties about how Democrats are really no better than Republicans, and we'd be better off supporting third parties in order to teach Dems a lesson.  And then I see stories about how a Republican Congresswoman from NC thinks Hezbollah's partnering with Mexican drug cartels to sell them digging lessons, and a Congressman in Texas who imagines that terrorists are creating anchor-terror babies to destroy us in twenty years, and a likely Senate winner from KY who thinks we should be protected by an underground electric fence the full length of the Mexican border.

And then I think, what Republican Party are they talking about?  Do they even know what actual Republicans think, or are they so concerned with sell-out Democrats that they're just not paying attention to the other side?  Because these are the people they'll be putting in charge if we don't support the Democrats.  No longer will we be discussing how much Democrats have to compromise with themselves while weakening much needed reforms.  We'll be talking about anchor babies, and flag-burning amendments, and government implanted microchips, and Hezbollah in Mexico.  And that's when they're not cutting taxes, government services, and the sparse regulations we have protecting us now.

And I'm sorry, but those are our two choices: Do we want a sell-out party that doesn't give us everything we want, or do we want a bat-shit crazy party that will spend millions upon millions to investigate Obama's every move, while banning SCOTUS from hearing any issue related to religion?  Anyone who doesn't realize this just isn't paying attention.

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