Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Progressive Pony Plan

Do you know why progressives believe that our best option is to write progressive bills and demand that Republicans keep filibustering them until they pass? Because that's the only way their strategy makes any sense. It's not based upon reality. It's based upon their need for it to be true.  They developed the strategy first, then crafted reality to match it.

And so we're to imagine that Republicans will continually break every time we write a progressive bill, when we can't even peel off one Republican for a moderate bill. And we're to imagine that this is happening because Obama's a moron who would rather have Lucy pull the football away when he could have a touchdown on every play.  So the obvious strategy that feels good would also be the easy strategy that would work every time, if only we attempted it.

Honestly, how can anyone believe these fantasies? Hell, I'd fully support liberal laws that didn't require Republican input. And I'd also like for Santa Claus to pay all my bills and buy me a pony. But it ain't going to happen. And if Republicans were ever stupid enough to allow this strategy to work even once, they'd never make that mistake again. Holding your breath and turning blue ISN'T a plan.

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