Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Did You Know...Global Warming Edition

Did you know that if you choose the roof color that minimizes your heating and cooling cost, everything else will take care of itself?

Did you know that if we increase Earth's albedo we'll all go back to using, cutting and breaking down anything that burns because we'll need lots of fuel for heating in the new ice age such idiotic measures would bring?

Did you know we were really living in the stone ages with no innovation or good ideas for several millenium until Barack showed us all the way?

Did you know that Global Warming is stupid?

Did you know that if the earth was meant to be destroyed by Global Warming, we shouldn't stop it?

Did you know that Liberals are the one's always behind these retared environmental experiments?

Did you know that the reflective properties of colors is junk science that is ignorant and fallacious?

Did you know that California's debt is due to stupid ideas like painting roofs white?

Did you know that they have never-ending raising taxes in California?

I learned all this and more in the comments section of an article recommending white roofs. Simply amazing.

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