Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Charade of Liberal Bigotry

I suppose the main reason I like conservatives so much is because I'm an absurdist.  I love the absurd.  It's what I live for, as evidenced by my ridiculous name.  While I decided long ago that I'd probably do better if I wasn't "Doctor Biobrain," it's my thing and I'm sticking with it.  And while there is an underlying seriousness to most of what I write, I just think life is far too sucky for us to not have a little fun with the absurdity of it all.  It's not enough to compensate for all the suffering in the world, but it helps.

And conservatives are about as absurd as you can get while still being alive.  I mean it.  These guys are complete jokers and the more we laugh at them, the more they imagine they must be scoring some serious points; which just makes us laugh more.  And one of the most absurd things I've ever seen is them trying to spin liberals as racists.  That's just so ridiculous that I'm finding myself pushing some real boundaries with my nihilist posts on the subject.  But I just can't help it.  The absurd is my oyster.

And really, one of the more absurdist aspects of it is how transparently juvenile the whole thing is.  For as much as they really want people to believe that liberals are bigots, it's entirely obvious that they're just throwing the label at us as a political ruse.  It's just part of the game, which they pretend is serious, while winking at each other; completely unaware that we're watching them wink and laughing at them for imagining they're being clever

The Left Attacks

And so I'm reading Donald Douglas chastising a fellow conservative because that conservative had the audacity to suggest that conservatives stop acting so ridiculous.  And he writes:
I only disagree to the extent that I don't think hammering Sotomayor on her race-consciousness is "over the top." So what, don't call her a racist? Fine, we can then just sit back and oppose her on ideas while THE LEFT ATTACKS US as racist. Yep, that ought to work! That's what it's all about nowadays, you know?. Racist this, racist that ... pretty soon we're all racists!
And thusly, he just gave the game away and exposes himself as a fake.  Because his argument essentially amounts to "We need to call them racists because otherwise, they'll keep calling us racists."  And no, this makes no sense to me.  I fail to see how this inoculates them against being called racists, particularly not when they seem to be making such a big deal about attacking Sotomayor on the basis of her race and gender.

And frankly, I can't even understand the logic here.  Because calling her a racist isn't helping.  It's making them all look like deranged loons.  And if they wanted to stop her, they need to "sit back" (whatever that means) and "oppose her on ideas."  But no, Donald's sick of being called a racist, so he insists upon flinging the poop right back on us.  And he doesn't care if the charges of racism might be true.  All he cares about is winning a battle, which he is delusional enough to believe can be won by acting ridiculous.  

Racist is as Racist Does

Oh, and Donald, if you're reading this, a piece of advice: If you don't want to be called a racist, perhaps you shouldn't be acting like a racist.  And that would entail, I don't know, maybe not talking about her race all the damn time.  

And sure, I know you're arguing that Obama and Sotomayor talked about it first, but so what?  The point is that you keep attacking her for being a "Latina bigot" and that just won't go over well for you.  Similarly, I doubt you'd have a problem with me referring to you as being "white," though you'd probably be offended if I called you a "white bigot."  People are just funny that way, I guess.  Reference their race, no problem.  Reference their race and insult them, they think you're being racist.  And whether or not you were going to be called racist for opposing her judicial opinions (a doubtful proposition), I can guarantee you that you'll be called a racist when you keep referencing her race with personal attacks. 

And again, this is why I enjoy reading conservatives so much: They're absolutely absurd and I love them for it.  Hell, I normally don't even read Donald's blog as it's all so mundane with over reliance on cut-and-paste, but to see him plunge deeper and deeper into Loontown over Sotomayor really does warm my absurdist heart.  Now if only I could get rid of my nagging paranoia that tells me he's going to gun me down someday for all the crap I give him.  Oh well, even nihilists like me have to have their pessimism.

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