Sunday, December 14, 2008

No Moving Parts

One basic flaw with conservative thinking is that they're idiots. Every action in life is made up of an almost infinite number of moving parts, but these simpletons have the innate ability to focus completely on one or two of these parts and imagine that they've found the key to everything going on around them. It's like this one episode on the old Batman show, when Batman & Robin were stuck inside some sort of devious contraption and all Batman had to do was locate one key piece and the whole thing fell down around them and allowed them to escape.

And so we see stupid stuff, like their stupid opposition to the auto bailout which seems to be based solely on hurting labor unions.  And their dogged belief that Obama would be destroyed if only people knew more about Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers.  And they're looking at these issues backwards: They gain nothing by attacking labor unions, Wright, or Ayers.  The voters they gain from these things are the voters they already have, and they're just going to piss-off everyone else.  For example, rather than labor unions feeling betrayed because the Dems couldn't help them, they'd double-down on their support of Dems, in order to hurt the Republicans that are screwing them over.  

But all the same, Republicans have used their laser focus to pinpoint these as the key issues and have tossed all other considerations aside.  And if you suggest to them that they're actually hurting themselves by focusing so intently on these issues, they'll think your crazy.  They knew that Wright and Ayers would doom Obama, because that's the best they had to work with.  And so the only answer for why it didn't work is because the attacks weren't made strongly enough.

No Government Needed

And that's exactly what they did with Iraq too.  They knew that they needed to topple Saddam and anything that made that look like a bad idea had to be tossed aside.  They had their beady little eyes on Saddam and that was that. 

But the fact that they had no idea of how they were going to reconstruct Iraq isn't simply limited to Iraq.  This is their idea of governance in general.  They have no idea how hard it is.  They don't know why we have bureaucracies and regulations and redtape.  All they know is that they don't like these things.  The almost infinite number of moving parts involved with the running of our country really does elude these morons and they're too stupid to realize it.

They really do believe that we could abolish labor laws, safety laws, environmental laws, and the entire SEC with no ill effect.  Everything would continue to run as smoothly and safely as before, if not better.  They really believe that.  Not because they have some grand understanding of how things work, but merely because they've been told that these things are bad.  And yet because they don't actually want to live in the kind of country this would be without these things, they're forced to pretend that we don't need them.  Somehow, the laws that are stifling big business aren't needed because big business wasn't going to do these things anyway.

And at this point, I'm just ending this because I didn't finish it earlier today and just don't have the mojo I had when I started it.  Plus, I'm now drunk.  So there.  

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