Friday, October 21, 2005

The Chimpeachment Express

Guest Post by Doctor Snedley, Doctor Biobrain’s Personal Assistant

I just read the “great” John Dean’s latest ramblings on the whole “Plame” matter.  As predicted, Dean is yet again downplaying another presidential scandal which might possibly lead to impeachment.  And why?  Why else!  Because he wants his precious "Watergate" scandal to stand as the biggie.  The impeachment to end all impeachments.  That's why he totally downplayed the whole Clinton impeachment, and why he's downplaying this one.  Because he knows that if this blows into a full-blown impeachment and takes down the President, the Watergate Gravytrain will quickly come to a halt and he'll have to get a real job.  

So it's no more free lunch, Dr. Dean.  The Chimpeachment Express is now rolling into the station.  Full steam ahead!  Next stop: Constitutional Monarchy!

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