Thursday, September 08, 2005

President For Insanity Broccoli

I've said this before, but probably not on this blog: How exactly are we so sure that President Bush really isn't insane? I mean, just completely loony. And that these "bubble-boy" photo-ops and set-piece "Townhall Meetings" are really the only thing keeping him from nuking us all? I mean really, if he really was crazy after 9/11, would they tell us? 9/11 was a pretty tramatic thing, and he seems to be very frail, mentally speaking. I don't mean this as any kind of insult at all, but isn't it possible that if we peeked inside, we'd find no one home? That he's half a load short of a bake sale? Out to sea without a dog paddle?

I should add that I believe everyone to be crazy (except you, of course), and that the secret of sanity is how well you function with your insanity. The less able you are to cope with it, the more insane you are (or maybe it's vice versa). So in that context, we see Bush as an insane person who seems unable to deal properly with reality. And after all, what's the difference between an extremely powerful person and a crazy person, except that people listen to the powerful person while ignoring the crazy person? It's something to think about, anyway.

Oh, and finally, what would you prefer as president: A crazy-ass Bush or Dick "Go Fuck Yourself" Cheney? On the one hand, we've got a complete madman recreating America in his own image; and on the other hand, crazy old George. Never an easy choice, but I think the clueless, arrogant leader is better than the malevolent leader.


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Hey Doc: Go into your "Dashboard," click on "Comments," and enable the word verification. Did the trick for moi.