Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Lovely Rita

Hey Biobrain fans, sorry for the light posting.  I’ve actually got two posts in the works, along with a few others to write, but I’ve been too busy/lazy (blazy?) to finish any of it.  Plus, I’ve been having trouble with Blogger and can’t seem to get the damn thing to work for me.  I’m sure there is a conspiracy involved with this somehow.

But if you thought this was going to fill in the void, you’re out of luck.  I’m under mandatory evacuation and am getting my ass out of Dodge (or Corpus Christi, to be specific).  Luckily, I’ve got family within driving distance (not always the case, in big ole’ Texas); so this will really be more like a much needed vacation.

Anyway, wish my cats luck.  I’m leaving them here to protect the homestead against those big bad looters.  They’ll have a week’s worth of food and a day’s worth of kitty litter, so I’m sure they’ll have eaten and shit the house into much worse shape than anything the hurricane might do.  And if you’re lucky, I’ll have some horrible stories to tell about not getting needed federal assistance to this disaster.  Keep your fingers crossed.

P.S. If any of you looters are out there wanting to take my stuff, make sure that all four cats are back in before you lock up.  My wife is upset enough that we’re not taking them, and it’d kind of suck if they got lost.

P.P.S. We’re taking all the good stuff with us, including the booze, so anything you’re likely to get will be something cheap, and probably covered in cat shit.  Bon appetit!

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