Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Normal Part of the Review Process

I just read this in Yahoo regarding the Whitehouse reaction to the story of the Bush Admin Ex-Lobbyist-Goon who edited scientific reports on global warming so they'd look better on polluters.

I quote:
"Cooney, a lawyer who once led the American Petroleum Institute's fight against greenhouse gas limits, joined the administration in 2001. He has no scientific training. White House spokesman Scott McClellan called the participation of Cooney a normal part of the review process by some 15 agencies."

Well I'm glad McClellan could clear that up for us. Too bad Bush hadn't told us about this "normal process" before we re-elected him. You know, that having non-scientist lobbyists altering scientific reports was a normal part of how this administration does things. I wonder how that slipped his mind during those debates. Probably too worried about this.

Oh, if you click on the story I quoted above, you won't see the exact quote I used. I copied and pasted it directly from the story, but apparently they changed it slightly after I copied it. But I'm too lazy to redo it, so you'll just have to make do with what I give you. It's late and my bed is calling to me.

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