Monday, February 07, 2005

Oh. By the Way. Who Gives a Fuck?

In response to Professor DeLong's post on a little known liberal professor, the Doctor asks:

Who the hell is Ward Churchill and why in the hell should I give a shit what he said? I've been top student in many a professors class, and I don't even know what the hell they said, so why should I care about a no-name professor from a school I couldn't care about? Professor Delong seems to care enough to research the guy's statements and denounce them, but why...

And the answer is: because the conservatives are up to their old tricks again and trying to cast the image of the most extreme liberals (warning: idiot) as being representative of all liberals. As I've pointed out in an earlier post, this is just one of their tricks to fool Americans into thinking that they're conservative. They want people to reject and hate the liberal label so they will identify themselves as being more conservative.

And what do libs like DeLong do? They fall for the shit every fucking time. Geezus people, when will you learn? They want you to spend all your time denouncing liberal crackpots as it 1) means you're not denouncing conservative crackpots and 2) draws more attention to the liberal crackpots. If you really feel the need to address these issue, do as some responsible bloggers do and denounce the need to denounce. Conservatives are not playing by any real set of rules. They've got freaks like Ann Coulter (link for 18 or older, please) on the tube every day saying all kinds of mean and nasty stuff about us. Yet we have to apologize for and attack some nobody that nobody should care about??? That's insane. Hell, they've got loads of nutballs in Congress who should be apologizing for what they've said, yet we're denouncing one dude that no one's ever heard of?

Again, the only reason we're hearing about the professor now is because the right-wing media wants to showcase every liberal "nutcase". And they also want to pretend that their nutcases are ok and belong on television. They're essentially trying to mainstream right-wing nuts (warning: movie clip) while getting everyone and their brother to denounce left-wing nuts. And we play along every time. Wake up, people. You're intelligent, but you don't seem to know a god damn thing about human nature! These people do not play fair and they're using your own rational tendencies against you.

Moral: Every time they showcase yet another unknown liberal nutcase, rather than helping them with their dirrrty work, use the opportunity to discuss a well-known conservative nutcase.


Anonymous said...

So Doc, should we take your silence on the subject as evidence that you support the attacks on 9/11?

Anonymous said...

Has it occurred to you that maybe the reason libs look like nutcases is because they are ones? It's not hard to make someone look stupid when they've already gone through all the trouble of being stupid. Maybe if you people grew up and joined the rest of us you wouldn't look like such freaks.

Anonymous said...

Right, it's just the right-wing media creating this story. And I suppose the NY Times is a right-wing rag? Compared with extremists like you it probably is.

And I think you've got your theory backwards. It seems like if we wanted you extremists to look extreme we'd always make sure you never got your message out. We'd only let the moderates talk. Kind of like what you guys always do to us. I think you need to put your theory back in the oven. Its not done yet.