Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Crap Attacks

In regards to Kevin Drum's racially insensitive remarks regarding Howard Dean's racially insensitive remarks, Biobrain opines:

Republicans are freaks. Pure and simple freaks. And they're so full of shit that it amazes liberals each time that they are able to squeeze a little more shit in there. They don't care about the racial sensitivity of black people. They just like to be able to get Dems on the defensive over the stupidest of reasons. Hell, many conservatives would actually be offended by these attacks on Dean if they took the attacks seriously.

And that's why we'd be fools to ever take this crap seriously. That means that we don't try to explain ourselves, we don't try to defend Dean, and we don't try to force a rational discussion of the issue. The Republicans don't want a rational discussion, though they'd be happy to indulge us by pretending to be in one...all the while they laugh at us and make us defend crap attacks. These people do not play fair and do not care about the truth. They just want to attack.

Our only recourse should be to laugh and mock these kinds of attacks. We need to turn this around and make them look as embarrassed as they should be over making such absurd attacks. I'm not saying we should do this over serious issues (though Repubs are perfectly happy mocking serious ones too), I'm just saying that we need to be able to understand which issues are real and which are fake. And the wrong response to a fake issue has often turned it into a real one. (Swift Boats, anyone?)

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