Friday, July 02, 2004

Well Here It Is

This is my first real post. As I said on the main page, this is Ask Doctor Biobrain, your source for interesting answers to interesting questions. I will handle all questions pertaining to politics, philosophy, religion, or any other field that I find interesting. And by "interesting", I mean anything where there is no definite "answer" and you can't find it easily on the internet. I do not do baseball scores, trivia, television shows, or mind reading; and I cannot tell you where your lost keys are. (did you check the window sill?)

And as a disclaimer, all of my answers will be from an agnostic liberal Americans point of view, so the answers given may not apply to you. If you are Buddhist and want the meaning of life, my answer will likely fall short of your expectation and you might need to meet me at least halfway. I am well versed in many different religions (including Orthodox Typtcha), and would be happy to discuss the specific details of your beliefs. But in the end, my final answer will not agree with your unless you renounce all ability to know, understand, or comprehend any and all supreme beings.

Also, I will gladly engage in a full-on heated debate with anyone, as long as it is done so with the full understanding that in the end, I am right. I don't even mind petty insults and personal attacks, as long as they are part of a fuller dialogue and not the end of it. There will also be an understanding that grammar police are frowned upon, with a strong emphasis placed on comprehension. Basically, if it sounds good, go with it.

Finally, I would like to point out that I have a wry and often stupid sense of humor, and if you think I'm joking then I probably am. I hope you enjoy this site, find it interesting, learn something, and send me lots of money so I can quit my day job. Thank you.

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