Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mitt Romney: The Republican Even Your Dad Wants to Punch in the Face

A friend on Facebook posted the YouTube clip below, and remarked:
Now my Republican friends can know how I felt every time John Kerry opened his yap:

And since my FB comments are rarely seen elsewhere, figured I'd just share my response here:
Come on. Who amongst us doesn't like to feel like they're being lectured to by their dad's boss?

And really, Kerry was just boring and detached, and just had trouble keeping things in soundbite format because his positions were nuanced until they were dead and zombified. He wasn't REALLY flip-flopping, he just over-thought things way too much, as that's just the kind of guy he was. He's trying to impress you with his depth, and all the while you're smiling and nodding, trying to figure out how to walk away without being rude while he mistakes your silence as admiration.

Romney, on the other hand, has no fricking clue what he's supposed to be saying and is basically signaling that every time he opens his mouth; as he can easily offend liberals and moderates on every position while catching hell from conservatives by not doing more to offend liberals and moderates. Because with conservatives, it doesn't matter what position you take, just as long as you sound like you're pissing off liberals when you say it. You can support or oppose war, support or oppose taxes, support or oppose big government; just as long as you do it with style.   
And Romney will NEVER have that style, as it's not in his programming. So he's stuck saying stuff that even HE has to think is nutball, but still it's not enough. And then he slips up and says the truth, and then everyone ends up hating him.  And it'd help if Romney actually cared about what his positions were, rather than just saying whatever it takes to get elected.  Kinda hard to stay on message when you don't really have one.
I went ahead and added:
That's a big reason I'm opposed to progressives who denounce and insult conservatives every chance they get, as those people eat that shit up. It's what they live for, and it just adds fuel to their fire without achieving anything whatsoever. Hell, they now support the murder of Trayvon Martin because liberals were upset that his killer hadn't been arrested.

You can catch more conservatives with a little mockery than with piles and piles of insults. And subtlety is the key. Subtlety confuses them and makes them take their guard down, as they're not sure if you're insulting them or not.

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