Saturday, April 28, 2012

Invoices for a Better America

Whoever came up with the idea of mashing up an Obama speech with a Romney speech is just mean.  Seriously, my ten year old daughter didn't even know who Romney was, yet she got a guilty laugh out of it with me.

And the reason it's funny is because it's true: Romney really is a boring guy with boring stories to tell, and he's still so wrapped up in defending who he is that he can't get around to telling us why we'd want to vote for him.  Sure, sure, you made a lot of money.  But how does that translate into the presidency and what's in it for us?
    And seriously, this speech was just pathetic, because the whole thing is pure defense, and a boring one at that.  The man is clearly obsessed with the fact that Bain Capital is an albatross around his neck, so he's busy telling exceedingly boring stories about how he made the world a better place by helping lower the cost of office supplies across the country.  Like, woo, nothing says Rock Star like selling office supplies at a discount.

I mean, invoices.  The man's talking about business people checking their invoices and seeing how much they're overspending.  And what's truly pathetic about all this is that this story would be boring if Romney was the genius who realized there was money to make from selling paper in volume and went about handling the day-to-day tasks of running a business.

But no, his story involves someone else coming up with the idea and running the business, and Romney was merely a guy who helped finance the deal.  And that's an important distinction, for as much as business experience might translate into political abilities, it's because you actually ran the business.  It's Edison who gets the credit for inventing things, not the guy who gave Edison some of the money; and we're not talking about Edison.  We're talking about one of the several people who gave us low priced office supplies.

So we've got Obama still wowing audiences with speeches about how they can make their lives better by re-electing him, while Romney's still trying to explain why his resume isn't as negative as it sounds.  Seriously, one of these candidates doesn't know how it's done.

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mlf said...

Love your post as always. One doesn't actually need to compare their words, just look at the faces of the people listening as they speak!