Friday, November 18, 2011

Bachmann and the Seven Foot Doctor

The fact that Michelle Bachmann ever imagined she had any chance of getting the Republican nomination not only shows how insane the party has become, but what a total loon she is.  Seriously, there is no part of her that is in any way connected with reality.  Rather, she lives in a parallel reality that has many of the same names and faces as our own, but where everything's distorted and weird, and more than a little creepy.  Kind of like Mardi Gras, but without the fun.

And so it's no real surprise to see her say completely loony things to an audience that clearly wished they had something better to do that afternoon; which describes pretty much every audience Bachmann has.  As fun as the highlight reel is, I'm sure it'd be a lot harder to have to sit through the whole thing with a straight face.  Had I more gumption, I'd add a laugh track to this.  Enjoy!

Now, forget about her nonsense about the dreaded illegal aliens ripping us off, which only makes sense if we forget that "Obamacare" is all about Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance, just like it is now and the dreaded aliens will still need to have insurance if they want to benefit from it.  And seeing as how she once voted on the law and imagines herself to be an expert, you'd kind of think she's know that.

And needless to say, the big joke on anyone complaining about "illegals" ripping us off is that: The bozos complaining are the ones who won't let them become citizens!  Duh!  And if someone doesn't want illegal aliens getting better benefits than citizens do...why not let them become citizens?  That way, we could "punish" them by removing their rights as illegals by forcing them to become citizens.  Somehow, this logic escapes them.

But as silly as that is, it's the ridiculous story about the seven foot tall physician that's the real mind blower here.

A Physician in the Community

Here's the transcript:
One man stood up.  He was over seven feet tall.  He was a physician in the community.  And he said "I had a little lady in my office.  She was on Medicare, and because of Obamacare, I had to call the IRS and I had to get a number to put on a form before I could see her."  He said, "Guess how long I sat on the phone, waiting to get this number from the IRS."  And he said, "Two hours and fifteen minutes."   
He was sitting on the phone.  He couldn't see the woman until he got the patient (sic).  Not only did this little lady have to sit there and cool her heels for two hours and fifteen minutes, but meanwhile all the other patients were stacked up in the waiting room.  So he was waiting on the phone with one bureaucrat to get a number that long.  That's the beginning of what Obamacare's going to be like.
Of course, that doesn't do it justice compared with hearing this come from her mouth, particularly when combined with the bored look of the people listening to her.  But seeing it in cold writing really helps you realize how completely crazy this lady is.

Seriously, forgot about the content of her speech, the style alone is just horrible; particularly with all the verbal junk she puts into her sentences that add nothing to what she's saying.  It's bad enough that she's annoying, but she's boring too; and that's not a good combination.

And one thing to note: Pathological liars embellish fake stories with unnecessary details because they think it makes their fictional stories sound more interesting and real.  That's not to say that Bachmann made up her story, just saying that that's a tell of a bad liar.  And so you hear of tall doctors and little ladies, and patients stacking up while the lady is cooling her heels.  Lots of pointless detail, and no specifics as to what she's talking about.

And the part of the story of the other patients waiting the whole time is ludicrous, and is the kind of detail that a pathological liar would make up, as they're just trying to prove a point and haven't really considered how ridiculous that is in reality.  As if the doctor can't see any patients until he handled her first.  As if the patient would have gotten into the examination room without her paperwork being in order.  And that's how you become a pathological liar: By being so disconnected from reality that you can't separate fact from fiction and everything sounds believable.

Followup Questions

Here are a few questions I asked over at ThinkProgress regarding this.

I'd seriously like to know the full story of this. Doubtful the guy was a 7-footer, so I'm thinking it was a tall guy and her imagination did the rest because she was so in awe of him. And what's up with the "little lady" reference the doctor supposedly made? Was she particularly little, or is that just the way he talks? And was it a necessary part of the story to mention she was little? Bachmann seemed to think so, but I have my doubts. Is there perhaps some part of Obamacare that requires doctors to tag small people before releasing them into the wild?  Why was it important that he was tall?  Was that why the bureaucrat put him on hold for so long, because he was jealous?

And seriously, could Bachmann truly be so ignorant of the healthcare law that she really believes there's some element of this story that makes sense? What number could the IRS possibly be giving him for a Medicare recipient? Exactly what part of Obamacare supposedly made this happen? And why would the fricking doctor be the one on hold for two hours, instead of his receptionist? Could she have dreamed up the whole thing, and if she did, would her staff let us know? Perhaps someone should ask Ed Rollins about it, as he always seems eager to dish dirt on her.

And most of all, we need to know precisely which drugs she was on when this tall doctor supposedly told her this, as well as which drugs she was on when she told the story. Because whatever it was, people need to be warned about it. They could just put a picture of Bachmann on the label and everyone would know what that meant. I wonder if she was suffering from another migraine during either episode. From the looks of her audience, they were all suffering with her.

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Doctor Biobrain said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention the third part, where she talked about how doctors and hospitals would give people free care, if only we wouldn't let them sue the doctors if they messed up. Because, yeah, it sucks to have a pair of tweezers accidentally left in your abdomen, but hey, what do you expect for free?

And of course, your small town doctor with no real equipment or overhead was curing cancer and performing open heart surgery for free...but only if he knew you couldn't afford it. Those guys were not only geniuses with a scalpel, but also great judges of character and economic wealth.

And we'd still have more doctors like that, if only they didn't have to pay so much for malpractice insurance...