Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Instant Expertise

My sister learned everything she needed to know about healthcare reform by reading an op/ed by the CEO of Whole Foods.  I swear to god, that was it.  She favors the removal of all government regulations from health insurance and health care because she's healthy and if everyone took care of themselves like she does, they wouldn't get sick or need insurance.  She just turned thirty, is childless, and hasn't gotten sick in years.  And so her preferred healthcare reform is built around the idea that everyone should be just like her, and if they're not, then it's Darwin time.  What could be easier?  And yes, this is pretty much exactly what she said.

And sure, I'm a bright guy who knows enough about healthcare to poke all kinds of holes into her theory, but no dice.  She just ain't having it.  She read one op/ed by a guy who got lambasted for the ignorance of his op/ed, and that's good enough for her.  Debating an expert like this is a sheer exercise in futility.

In other family news, my dad is still quite insistent that no one has seen Barack Obama's birth certificate and he probably shouldn't be president.  And sure, I offered to show him all the evidence he should need to prove that he's wrong, as we had a computer right next to us while we were talking, but this just angered him and put an end to the discussion.  He's been told by people he chooses to trust that Obama shouldn't be president and that's good enough for him.  People get the experts they deserve.


Mike Goldman said...

I live pretty close to a Whole Foods. There are other options though, so I choose not to shop there.

fryfryfry said...

Yes, it's a sad state of affairs when we "read" one item and know all there is to know about something.

Some people make up their mind and that's it. You will not be changing their mind no matter how much factifying you throw their way.

It's then that it sinks in how stupid or stubborn our country is. And no matter where you go these people are there.

I have an Uncle who's the same way. He admits to watching Glen Beck and believes him. Quote: "Things on his show are fact, they've been proven."

How do I combat that?