Friday, November 03, 2006

Broken Machine

As yet another follow-up on my theory that the Republicans’ absurdly negative ad campaigns will only backfire, I just read about this new ad from New York’s only Republican representative who is attacking the Democrat, Steve Harrison, for being soft on terrorism. The ad says:
“Steve Harrison: putting terrorist rights above the safety of you and your family.”

And I’m sorry, but that’s just terrible advertising, as it totally treats people like complete idiots. And sure, the GOP has been banking on low intelligence for years, but this is a total insult and I’m fairly sure that most people will understand it as such. Particularly as the only people who would be willing to accept that ad are the Fox News mouth-breathers who have been so hypnotized against Dems that they’d believe anything; and would have voted against us anyway. And I suspect that even they might be mildly insulted by this sort of advertising.

The truth is that they’ve totally broken their propaganda machine and have no idea of what they’re doing. They broke it back in 2004, when they were so desperate to win re-election for Bush, and now it’s just spewing out unadulterated crap that is only hurting them in the polls. That’s why Bush’s approval ratings have been so low since 2004, and why they can’t fix themselves this time. They had their spin machine in overdrive for too long and now it’s just broken.

It helped them in 2002, was an absolute requirement in 2004, and now it’s just screwing them over bigtime. But, they have no other choice. Propaganda and spin is all they’ve ever had, and never had any plans for achieving a reality-based election victory. And because of that, they’ve totally screwed the pooch, and even their beloved propaganda catapult is a sad joke that people will only laugh at. So this crap is unlikely to motivate their own people to vote, and is likely to offend independents and moderates into voting; just to get this crap to stop. And the only cure they have is to shovel out more vile crap and hope for the best.

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