Monday, January 17, 2005

Cyborgs? Can't Take No Damn Cyborgs!

Ok, I bet you're wondering what pulled me out of retirement. Foolish mortal, what else could it be but cyborgs. Turns out that Rebekka MacKinnon of the Harvard - Ethics Are For The Other Guy Conference is a card carrying member of the Cyborg Alliance of America (metaphorically speaking, to say the least). An top of that, word on the street says that she eats and enjoys to eat kittens of all stripes, including the cute ones (especially the cute ones). (Other sources say that the so-called "kittens" are actually small dogs, but that's not a judgement call for me to make)

Now, I don't have personal knowledge about this (I haven't seen the video that everyone's abuzz about), but I just want to say that, if Ms. MacKinnon wants to eat kittens or small dogs in her spare time, that's a perfectly legitimate pasttime for her to engage in. I'd rather she and her cyborg ilk eat kittens than my baby daughter (as is her wont), I just think she needs to engage in full disclosure on this one. I mean, if she doesn't have a problem with the wholesale slaughter of an entire race of species, then I don't have a problem, just as long as me and mine don't get hurt. I just think she needs to tell everyone about it.

I should add that I in no way endorse the story that Ms. MacKinnon does such an abhorrant deed on a regular basis. In fact, I hope to god that she can stop herself from doing these horrible horrible things. I just thought that I should bring it to my adoring public's public attention. This is an important story and it behooves us all to report it as quickly and often as possible, and let the "historians" sort out the fact from fiction afterwards.

So, how about, Ms. MacKinnon? Are you going to tell the world about your penchant for eating kittens and/or small dogs, or are you going to maintain your silence? The cover-up is always worse than the crime, Ms. MacKinnon, and you're only hurting yourself with your depraved silence.

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